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Beautycon LA: Commonly Asked Questions About Light Therapy

Our Glow Masters were at it again; spreading the good word on all things light therapy at Beautycon LA 2017. For 2 days, our brand’s booth, nestled between Nike and The Creme Shop, drew hundreds of people wanting to learn more and purchase light therapy devices. We were shocked by how many people didn’t know about light therapy or believe in the results.

It can be difficult to trust that a little light can fade acne or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But don’t just trust us; our lights are medically proven to work wonders. Our Glow Masters collected the top 3 questions Beautycon-ers had and we are dishing out the answers here for everyone to benefit from.

“When will I see results?”

Blue acne light:

  • 3-5 days with consistent use

Infrared, red, and amber anti-aging light:

  • 12 weeks with consistent use

Everyone’s skin and needs are different, but we’ve found these to be typical time frames. Helpful tip: track your skin’s progress with photos. Because our lights work from the inside out, changes are gradual. It helps to compare your before and after images side by side. 


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