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Full Spectrum Bulbs

Visual: Less Strain, clearer vision and comfort

The neodymium glass Chromalux bulbs filters yellowish light and create better contrast and definition between colors, tones, and textures.

Chromalux bulbs have been used since 1980 by both professional and everyday individuals due to their increased visual acuity.  This helps individuals with age related visual degeneration.

Unlike LED bulbs, Chromalus bulbs are flick-free and provide a soothing light for both your eyes.  It gives similar light that the sun provides.

Health: A Sense of Well-being

Chromalux full spectrum bulbs are a healthy alternative to ordinary light bulbs.  These bulbs provide less strain due to the clearer light exposed by the neodymium coating and also the flicker-free that normal LED bulbs all have.  The LED bulbs are always changing the frequency, causing strain on the eyes which in turn goes to the brain and may cause headaches.

Effects to the Environment: Clear, Crisp Lighting

Chromalux bulbs gives the full spectrum of the sun.  The Neodymium coating  enhances the light to give the full light spectrum.  The light spectrum is made of varieties of frequencies.  With this Neodymium coating on the bulbs , you will observe  clearer vision, glare and dulling frequencies giving crisp and vivid colors, becoming more vibrant.

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