LumiChrome Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs 1XC
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LumiChrome Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs 1XC

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Lumichrome Fluorescent Bulbs

With a color rendering index of 96 (Natural outdoor is 100) the Lumichrome® fluorescent bulbs represent the perfect addition to the Chromalux "color correct" incandescent light bulbs. With a color temperature of 5000ºK, the light of a Lumichrome® 1XC bulb can be compared to outdoor lighting at noon time, the time of day where blue and red components of the spectrum are present in equal amounts.  These bulbs should be used in all areas or work spaces for accurate, balanced and energy efficient overall illumination. Lumichrome® fluorescent bulbs are being successfully used by artists, museums and art galleries worldwide. F40 T12 48" Only!