Lumiram LED Fluorescent T8 48"
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Lumiram LED Fluorescent T8 48"

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The lights of the future, Chromalux® LED light bulbs provide superior energy efficiency in all commercial lighting applications, can last up to 100,000 hours, have twice the efficiency of fluorescent lamps and 8 times the efficiency of incandescent, burn much cooler, can replace standard bulbs easily, and are especially well suited for companies installing green technologies.

Benefits of LED lighting

  • LED light bulbs are actually a cluster of smaller light emitting diodes that produce light.
  • LEDs have no filament and that makes them more resistant to heat, cold and shock.
  • An LED is a "solid-state lighting" technology, or SSL. Rather than emitting light from a vacuum, which is what an incandescent bulb does, or a gas, which is what a fluorescent bulb uses, an SSL is able to emit light from a semiconductor.
  • As the electrons move around they produce light but not heat, and because of the structure of the product these lights are more stable and last much longer.

LED Fluorescent T8 48"

Lumens: 1500
Length: 48"
Diameter: 1"
Color temp: 5000°k  or 6500°k
Average Rated Life: 50,000 hours
Wattage: 18W
Reference: LEDFLT8/48