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Light therapy is a great alternative for helping with depression, pain relief, skin care and more

True Sun knows how Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) or the "Winter Blues" can be.  In the last 19 years we have provided individuals with light therapy devices designed to help alleviate depression as well as other health conditions, such as mood disorders, chronic fatigue, decreased energy, jet lag, etc. Sun light therapy discovered by the National Institue of Health (NIH) provides a substitute to natural sunlight for individuals whom do not receive enough natural sun during the long fall, winter and spring months. It has now been further advanced that light therapy helps with mood disorder or circadian rhythm and for those on the go, jet lag (Valkee 2 Bright Light Ear Headset).  

We off a large variety of light therapy boxes, as well as full spectrum lights and desk lamps to enhance your visual acuity, which are ideal for people that rarely get the natural stress relieving sunlight required for our health. Therapeutic lighting helps those individuals relax and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. In addition to helping to cope with depression using light therapy, sun light therapy is also used for pain relief, acne treatment, wrinkle/collagen stimulation and photon therapy among several other treatment options.

With more and more enphasis placed on natural therapeutic products for optimal health, we have now introduced our supplemental line of products.  BioPure Natural Therapeutic Food Products and Quicksilver Scientific products are recommended by a number of doctors, such as Dr. Dietrich Klingardt (see website, Klinghardt Academy).  They are known to be of superior quality.  Additionally, when you browse our site you will also find supplemental therapy options including liquid dietary supplements, NutraMedix Cowden Protocol, anti-parasitic, and metal detox products among several other health care products for men, women and children.

Other devices we carry to help improve both your physical and mental health include electrotherapy (tens units, ems units, stim, electrodes) and magnetic therapy devices for uppper, lower, back, ankle, and throughout your entire body. We are truely an alternative supplier of health products.

Experience the benefits of sun light therapy today at TrueSun.com


Valkee Bright light Ear headset for SAD, winter blues, jet lag

PSAE Starlite lm for helping to remove wrinkles and skin rejuvenation Biopure Health products recommended by dr dietrich klinghardt chromalux full spectrum incandescent and fluorescent bulbs
true sun tens and ems electrotherapy units therion magnetic therapy for pain free relief

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SRS320 light therapy and dawn simulator in one