Chromalux Full Spectrum Bulbs
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Chromalux Full Spectrum Bulbs

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chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbs

Full Spectrum Lamps
The Pure Light From Scandinavia,
To See and Feel Better ...
chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbs

  • Provides True Color as in Natural Sunlight
  • Reduces Eye Fatigue
  • Increases Visual Acuity and Comfort
  • Creates a Colorful, People-Pleasing Environment
  • Long Life Averaging 5000 hours

The Chromalux bulb has its origin in Finland, Land of the Midnight Sun, where life must be sustained in almost total darkness for a few months of the year.   Extensive research and testing there, resulted in the design of this unique light source, which closely simulates natural daylight.

Chromalux lights are made of special composition glass that is not colored or coated, but instaead contains a rare earth element (Neodymium) used in lasers.

This earth element is able to absorb yellow and other dulling components of the spectrum, resulting in crisp and more vibrant colors. Chromalux provides bright light that closely mimics the spectrum of Natural Sunlight (infrared, visible spectrum and beneficial U.V.A. rays).

Manufactured in Europe to the highest standard, Chromalux is long life (5,000 hours average), has a heavy-duty filament construction, and outlasts competitors three to four times. Chromalux is the original full spectrum lamp for healthier and happier individuals.

chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbs

mr16 white beam chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbs

Bright and Vibrant Colors:

Chromalux Lamps are made of pure Neodymium glass, which cuts down much of the yellow emission of spectrum, resulting in brighter and more vibrant colors.  Chromalux creates a pleasing, colorful and relaxing atmosphere that has shown to enhance people's sense of comfort and well being.  At home natural colors of fabric and home appointments can finally be enjoyed.  In the kitchen or the dining room, food looks more appetizing and in the bathroom, natural skin complexions are pleasantly revealed.  A must for the home and office.

A Superior Reading Light:

Chromalux, by reducing the excessive yellow glare light (located in the center of the spectrum, 550 nm), allows the eye to see with great ease throughout the entire visible spectrum.  Chromalux glare-free light increases black and white contrasts, improves readability, and reduces eye strain allowing optimum visual comfort.  Much more gentle to your eyes than common incandescent lamps or quartz illumination.  Easy to install, it can successfully retrofit existing fixtures (table lamps and recessed lighting, etc.).  People who have made the switch have enjoyed the striking difference.

Chromalux High Quality and Performance:

Manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, Chromalux is long life (3500 hours average) and has a heavy duty filament construction to enhance life expectancy and performance.  In addition, among other features, Chromalux bulb is built with a real silver inner reflector to increase lumen output and a chromed brass socket to prevent corrosion.

chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbs

At Home:
Our inability to perceive colors and textures adequately as in the case of a gray winter day or under poor artificial lighting has shown to impair our mood and feeling of comfort at home.  Under Chromalux pure white illumination, the atmosphere is instantly transformed becoming friendly and welcoming.

In The Office:
Precision and efficiency at work mainly depend on the visual comfort provided by overhead and task lighting.  Chromalux full spectrum lamps reduce eye fatigue, increasing visual acuity, reduce glare of computer screens and provide working areas with a pleasing and stimulating atmosphere.  Chromalux creates a glare free color balanced environment that has shown to help people work more efficiently.  Ideal for computer working stations.

For Display Lighting:
Chromalux pure white light simply mimics Natural Daylight, and therefore its applications in the display and commercial lighting are endless.  Chromalux is today's ideal alternate choice to quartz and fluorescent illumination, which provide a much "cooler" ambiance, and can be successfully used for display and environmental illumination of all kinds: Jewelry stores, food stores, restaurants, health and fitness centers, hair salons, etc.)

Chromalux Plant Lamp
Chromalux full spectrum plant lamp is the ideal choice for plant growing and lighting indoors - provides plants with the specific wavelengths required.  Also recommended as a sun simulating light source for captive pets indoors.

mr16 white beam chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbsFull Spectrum MR16 White Beam Low Voltage Light Bulbs

The Chromalux MR16 White Beam low voltage halogen light bulb is based on a proprietary technology. Like the Chromalux full spectrum incandescent light bulb, the MR16 White Beam is made with pure Neodymium glass, which is designed to cut down much of the yellow emission of the light spectrum, resulting in brighter, more vibrant colors, closely simulating natural daylight. With color temperatures of approximately 4200K and 4700K, the appearance and quality of the new Chromalux Halogen White Beam is far whiter and more comfortable than standard MR16 lamps. Chromalux White Beam is also much gentler and less straining to the eyes than common incandescent or halogen lamps. It increases black and white contrasts, improves readability, allowing optimum visual comfort while reading.

Chromalux MR16 White Beam low voltage halogen light bulbs represent the ideal choice for todays home or office illumination. They are ideal for lighting applications that require accurate color appearance and critical color evaluation such as Art Galleries, Museums, Department Stores, Jewelry Display Lighting, and Dental and Medical Labs.

  • Titanium coated reflector for longer lumen and color performance mr16 white beam chromalux full spectrum incandescent bulbs
  • Pure neodymium glass reduces excessive yellow glare
  • High color temperature (4200K and 4700K) for enhanced whiteness
  • No UV (ultraviolet light) emission
  • Extra long life (5000 hours avg.) with almost no loss of output during its entire life
  • 12, 20 and 38 beam dispersion
  • Low voltage halogen lighting delivers vibrant and accurate color representation
  • Low voltage halogen lighting produces sharp black and white contrasts
  • Low voltage halogen lighting ideal for close proximity lighting applications
  • Low voltage halogen lighting that generates almost no heat or ultraviolet output