BioPure Zeta O3 Oil
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BioPure Zeta O3 Oil

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**While BioPure prides itself in our pursuit to provide our customers with a pure product sometimes something extra is needed to make the product effective. Our O3 oils are a great example, in order for them to work as our doctors wish they require an emulsifier. We use Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (Polysorbate 80) at less than 1% of volume per serving. The FDA considers this safe for use in vitamins up to 175mg per day and we feel that we are way below that concern level. We have previously tried to remove this ingredient from our O3 oils however many doctors stated that the product was no longer as effective as previously with the emulsifier. We are on the hunt for something as effective currently. We understand your concerns as they are our concerns and are constantly on the lookout for better.

  • Support for Microbial/ Fungal/ Parasitic Defense*
  • Co-Infection Defense*
  • 50