BioPure Core - S - A modified version of Core™
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BioPure Core - S - A modified version of Core™

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BioPure’s Core-STM is a modified formulation of our CoreTM product. Core-STM is a blend of highly bioavailable forms of 6 minerals, 4 vitamins, 1 amino acid, and an herb, in a unique combination formulated to support core aspects of human health.*

With the exception of calcium, which forms a major part of our bone structure, most of the minerals in the human body are present in relatively small amounts, but their importance to human health cannot be overstated.* The trace minerals in Core-STM play critical roles as cofactors in a myriad of enzymatic pathways.* Although most minerals are available in foods we eat, deficiencies can occur from a number of causes including environmental factors, injury recovery, genetics, stress, medications, overexertion, athletes demanding high performance, aging, diets, bacterial infections, and lifestyle differences. Core-STM is an additional source of important trace minerals and other nutrients.

  • Bone and Teeth Health*
  • Cardiovascular Health/Circulation Support*
  • Energy/Fitness/Endurance*
  • Enzyme Processes Support*
  • Minerals/Trace Elements
  • Neurological Support*
  • 2 Capsules daily