SunRise Systems SRS100 Dawn and Dusk Simulator
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SunRise Systems SRS100 Dawn and Dusk Simulator

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The SRS100 dawn and dusk simulator by Sunrise Systems or Morning Sunrise Systems utilizes state of the art technology as an aid for going to sleep or waking up to the slow intensity light.  

Simply, Plug your bedside lamp into the SRS100 dawn/dusk simulator and choose the settings to imitate the sunrise and sun set.

srs100 dawn simulator intensity


When set properly, the srs100 by SunRise System mimics a morning sunrise, reaching full brightness at the alarm wake up time you have chosen.  One can chose to wake up to the gradually brightening light or also set the alarm sounder which gradually increases in volume to wake you gently and naturally.

You can program a sunrise or sunset between 15 and 90 minutes.  I usually chose 30 minutes.

The many benefits of a wake up light or dusk simulator are: 

  • You can gently wake up to a simulated sunrise
  • The sunset feature allow for a restful sleep with simulated sunset
  • You can set the Sunrise over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90
  • You can also set the Sunset over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes
  • Now, you can use lamps with up to 200 Watt bulbs
  • Included is an optional alarm sounder
  • You can manually control the lamp brightness and set it to any level you prefer
  • A child night light feature is included
  • You can program it for 7 different alarm settings, which allows for extra sleep on weekends if you prefer
  • Snooze button
  • Random security light option for safety when you are not at home
  • Clear instructions for simple set up
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


Height  (4.6 in.)
Width  (5.2 in.)

Depth (bottom)  (3 in.)
Depth (top)  (1.2 in.)

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