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Autism - Sensory Issues

Autism is defined as results in differences and or delays in development in the areas of thinking, language, behavior and social skills. Every individual is different but autism results in symptoms in the areas of social interaction, communication and stereotypic behaviors that include restricted range of activities, interests and behaviors.

Nutrition for these types of issues has been widely used by our advising physicians so that we may offer a line of products that are used by physicians, medical experts and parents to help those suffering.


Supplements That Are Effective

Our Advanced Neurotransmitter Support Formula is ideal for improving attention and concentration levels, boosting cognition and motor activity skills and improving learning and behavior. This nutritional supplement can even help improve mood, sleeping patterns and decrease unwanted focus or hyper activity symptoms.

The Neuro-Immune Stabilizerª Topical Cream may help in maximizing organization skills, short term memory, effective hormonal regulation, mental focus and concentration, mood improvement and stabilization as well as improved sleep patterns and immune function.


Top Autism Supplements And Vitamins

Biotic Boost Autism Supplements assist in digestion and they help to stimulate the immune system. This can result in increased lactose tolerance and prevention of travelerÕs diarrhea and yeast infections. This Autism supplement is specially formulated for room temperature storage Ð no refrigeration is needed. Eliminating the need for refrigeration makes this product extremely convenient to use.

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