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BioPure's MetalSweep is another powerful chelator that works in a slightly different way from Chlorella and Cilantro. It consists of a carrier base of highly purified, insoluble, tiny silica particles that have been 'functionalized' with a particular type of thiol molecule that forms strong bonds with metals like mercury, cadmium and lead. The resulting complex molecules containing silica, thiol and metal are inert and biologically unavailable. MetalSweep works only in the digestive tract to 'sweep' metals safely out of the body without the chance of them being reabsorbed, or for harmful oxidative reactions to occur along the way.


MetalSweep also contains Acerola, one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C known. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can enhance the effectiveness of the chelation reaction in a number of ways. Initiallly, it activates the metals, second, it quenches free radicals, and lastly, it plays a part in the recycling process of Glutathione, another important antioxidant molecule synthesized in our body, that plays a primary role in detoxification pathways.

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