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Researchers have discovered that Galactose plays a pivotal role in cell membranes and the surrounding extracellular matrices as a sort of mediator or traffic cop. It is intricately involved in facilitating communication between cells and in sorting and regulating the exchange and function of substances – such as hormones, enzymes, and growth factors, – between cells and the surrounding matrix.3,4,8,9These functions help the immune system to recognize “friend or foe” and fight off disease.10A similar example of the powerful presence of Galactose is in the differentiation between blood types O and B. These two blood types are chemically identical except that B has a molecule of Galactose. This seemingly small difference could mean life or death for a person receiving a blood transfusion.3,11,12

Galactose has been called the “Brain Sugar13because it appears to play an important part in brain development.14,15Some research indicates that Galactose may benefit patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and hepatic encephalopathy by helping to remove toxic excess ammonia in the brain and liver16. Recent studies have shown that Galactose is capable of being delivered to cells through an insulin-independent pathway, and can then be converted to glucose and utilized. This is very useful for patients with diabetes3,17. It has also been shown that oral supplementation of Galactose to individuals with nephritic syndrome offers a non-toxic therapy with excellent results.18

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