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VALKEE 2 Bright Light Headset - New Model
Manufacturer: Valkee Oy
VALKEE 2 Bright Light Headset - New Model Discounts Apply !
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List Price: $349.00
Price: $231.00


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Valkee 2 Bright Light LED Ear Headset

At the end of Summer, beginning of Fall, many people get what has been termed as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.   Most see their doctor who precribes anti-depressions drug. 

Unfortunately, most people are not aware that these symptons can be easily relieved by the use of a bright light system, hence the dimished light during these times of the year.  A bright light for 1/2 to an hour a day usually relieves the symptoms.  Having said that, modern technology has come up with an even better system of light, the Valkee 2 LED Ear bright light ear headset.  One would simple place the LED ear plugs (similiar to ear plugs from an Iphone speakers, press the "ON" button and receive 12 minutes of blueish bright light through your ears.  Only 12 minutes a day is all that is required.

Not only does the Valkee bright light headset help to alleviate this feeling of the "winter blues", but it also accelerates recovery from jet lag, and helps maintain energy through the dark winter months.

* Valkee Jet Lag app is available to download free of charge from Apple AppStore for iPhone (iPhone 4 and newer) and from Google Play for selected Android smartphones.   

It is a small device, comparable to an  iphone, device.


Valkee 2 used while walking

The Valkee 2 has preset treatment settings. When the unit is used during the day is very important.

Please consult your physician to determine the best time to use the Valkee. 

Preset Treatment Settings:

Intensity (3 setting levels) LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH
Duration 12 minutes
Adjustable 1 – 12 minutes with 1 min. steps
Sound Default setting: ON. C



  • Reduce the time it takes to recover from jet lag
  • Helps Relieve the Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder or Sad
  • Diminish food gravings and be energetic

valkee 2 used during work

The Valkee is fast and portable:

  • Usage time is only 12 minutes a day
  • Can easily fit in your pocket
  • ..and is Rechargeable

The unit is save and also effective:

  • Bright light is recommended to counter effects of reduced daylight.
  • Valkee is tested and shown to accelerate recovery from jet lag and to maintain energy and spirits through the winter months.

 Valkee is recommended by 87% of users. – APEX Healthcare Consulting, February 2013


Addtional Information:

Designed and manufactured in Oulu, Finland.

Sales package includes:

  • the Valkee device and LED ear buds
  • a clear user guide
  • USB charging cable
  • and four sizes of ear bud cushions
  • 1-year warranty
  • Separate Valkee Jet Lag smartphone companion app is free to download from Apple AppStore and from GooglePlay.

User testimonials:

“The last few months have been extraordinarily challenging with a tough project at work. Despite stressful days and nights with my head constantly in pro

valkee 2 in black

blem-solving mode, I have NEVER been tired. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a fact - and only one thing was different: I started each day using Valkee 2 bright light headset. What’s 12 minutes in the morning if you get 365 days of energy in return?” - Vice President, a DAX company, Germany

“Valkee has proven very useful in helping our players and support staff adapt quickly to time-zone changes caused by long-haul travel. We have seen improvements in sleep duration and quality, and enhanced restoration of circadian rhythms - all factors likely to aid athletic and work performance in the period following such journeys.” - Team doctor of a Premier League football team, United Kingdom

“I’m not one to jump at the latest gadget without taking my time to see if it really works, and I can say that VALKEE’s product does what it promises to do. It has helped me stay sharp and feel rested especially during my trip to Asia as well as during Finland’s long dark winter days.” - Jarkko Nieminen, professional ATP-ranked tennis player, Finland

“My experience with Valkee has been very positive, especially when flying east from Moscow to Vladivostok. The heavy travel schedule and long flights are real problems for professional athletes - the team flies over 100,000 kilometers during the season, including training camps. Why wouldn’t you improve your life if you can? I highly recommend Valkee!” - Hannu Jortikka, Former head coach of Admiral Vladivostok, Kontinental Hockey League, Russia

“Probably the most important device I have ever bought :-)” - Phil Melia, United Kingdom

“Valkee is working brilliantly for me! Less sleep, more energy, brighter days. Literally. Thank you!!” - Jayanti Noömi, The Netherlands

”You light up my life. You give me hope. To carry on. You light up my days and fill my nights with song.” - Laura, USA

”One 8-minute dose yesterday, and today he is already like a new person – jumping around, singing and smiling! ” - Jani, Finland

”It is so very dull outside, and only 3pm! Glad I have my Valkee – been using for almost 3 weeks now and definitely feeling the good effects.” - Annie, UK

The new model, Valkee 2 has the following changes:

  • Completely redesigned LED earbuds with a detachable cord
  • Thin aluminum body
  • Ingeniously simple, one-button user interface
  • Only 12 minutes a day needed
  • Fits in your pocket – use it anywhere you like
  • Rechargeable – two weeks battery time


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