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SunRise Systems SRS100 Dawn and Dusk Simulator 
Manufacturer: SunRise Systems Inc.
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The SRS100 dawn and dusk simulator by Sunrise Systems or Morning Sunrise Systems utilizes state of the art technology as an aid for going to sleep or waking up to the slow intensity light.  

Simply, Plug your bedside lamp into the SRS100 dawn/dusk simulator and choose the settings to imitate the sunrise and sun set.

srs100 dawn simulator intensity






When set properly, the srs100 by SunRise System mimics a morning sunrise, reaching full brightness at the alarm wake up time you have chosen.  One can chose to wake up to the gradually brightening light or also set the alarm sounder which gradually increases in volume to wake you gently and naturally.

You can program a sunrise or sunset between 15 and 90 minutes.  I usually chose 30 minutes.


The many benefits of a wake up light or dusk simulator are:

  • You can gently wake up to a simulated sunrise
  • The sunset feature allow for a restful sleep with simulated sunset
  • You can set the Sunrise over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90
  • You can also set the Sunset over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes
  • Now, you can use lamps with up to 200 Watt bulbs
  • Included is an optional alarm sounder
  • You can manually control the lamp brightness and set it to any level you prefer
  • A child night light feature is included
  • You can program it for 7 different alarm settings, which allows for extra sleep on weekends if you prefer
  • Snooze button
  • Random security light option for safety when you are not at home
  • Clear instructions for simple set up
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


Height  (4.6 in.)
Width  (5.2 in.)

Depth (bottom)  (3 in.)
Depth (top)  (1.2 in.)

Userguide (English, French, Spanish)

Blog from The Wibbly Weblog

Sunrise System Dawn Simulator SRS100 Review

I bought a dawn simulator about eight months ago. This is a device that slowly raises the light level in your bedroom a little at a time to attempt to simulate a natural dawn. It is particularly aimed at people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but is equally useful for anyone who has trouble motivating themselves to get up in the morning.

I had known about dawn simulators for a couple of years and had been idly looking buying one for some time. What had stopped me is that the majority have a built in lamp and are very bulky. I already have an uplighter in my bedroom and I wanted one that you could plug an external lamp into without having to have a additional lamp on my bed side table. The SRS100 is the first dawn simulator I found that met this requirement.

The device has a trailing cable that reaches down from the table to the floor and then splits into two separate cables. One cable has a conventional mains socket on it into which you can plug most standard lamps and the other end has a mains plug to go into the wall socket. The lamp must have an incandescent (normal) bulb fitted in order to be able to dim it. Unfortunately energy saving bulbs won't work with dimmers.

The clock has a seven day timer and hence you can set a different wake up time for each day of the week if you want to. You set the time at which the lamp should be at maximum brightness and the clock calculates the time it needs to start raising the light level to achieve this. You can set the period of time over which the clock should increment the light level.

The light level rise is smooth, there are no sudden jumps in brightness that I could notice. I expect it does actually raise the light level in discrete steps but they are too small to notice and it appears to be a continuous rise in brightness.

The SRS100 is fully electronic and completely silent when it switches on. I know you would hope so, but I heard about one cheap clock that is actually part mechanical and buzzes at it increases the light level. That must be really irritating! When I'm getting near the end of my sleep cycle any sudden sound wakes me up. I used to have an electronic timer switch in my room to turn something on about an hour before I woke up. It made a click sound on switch on that I barely noticed in the day but at night it was enough to wake me up

I was quite surprised when I first started using this that I do wake up to the light. I find I consistently wake up about 3 minutes prior to maximum brightness. I also have a back-up alarm clock set to sound later but rarely find I need it (the SRS100 has a built in buzzer but I prefer my other clock). I have occasionally not woken to the light. I guess this must be times when I've been under the covers. I have a 40 watt bulb in an uplighter that reflects off the ceiling. I think you would probably get different effects with different brightnesses of bulb although I haven't tested it.

The display is backlit, has good contrast in low light conditions and can be dimmed. One annoying thing with it is that you cannot switch the back light off altogether. I like a perfectly dark room when I'm sleeping. Even on the lowest brightness I still find it distracting when I'm facing towards the clock so have to put something in front of it when I sleep. It would be better if it had a button you could press to switch on the back light and show the time.

Another slight niggle is it's hard to turn the light off once it's reached maximum brightness. The only way I found of doing it is to dim the light down manually, turn off the alarm and then turn the alarm back on again. There must be a better way but it wasn't obvious from the manual!

I bought the UK (SRS100UK) version. There's also a US (SRS100US) and European (SRS100EU) version with appropriate plug sockets for those areas.


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