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Full Spectrum Light

Full Spectrum Light, Full Spectrum Lighting

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Full-spectrum light is light that covers the entire spectrum from low ultraviolet to infrared and above; in particular, and sunlight is considered full spectrum lighting.
An electrical light bulb is said to be full spectrum lighting if it supplies sufficient ultraviolet light. A plant growth bulb will generate UVA radiation, which helps keep plants healthy. Reptiles and amphibians require a bulb that generates not only UVA, but UVB radiation (the type that can cause sunburns) as well. This is generally considered to be a full spectrum light, and can be generated by a fluorescent tube light. Mercury-vapor lamps and halogen lamps can also generate full spectrum light. Halogens may even generate some UVC radiation which can cause skin cancer, so they should be placed a couple of feet above the area they are being used on if living animals are present.

These full spectrum light lamps produces a "natural" light similar to that produced by the north sky at noon. Full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs can brighten your business like no other conventional fluorescent light bulb because they simulate the crisp, full color and ultraviolet full spectrum of natural outdoor light. Full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs can reduce maintenance and electrical costs, and increase your bottom line.

Full Spectrum light Advantage:

• Perfectly balanced Full Spectrum Lighting
• Natural outdoor light 24-hours a day
• Adds sparkle and brightness to diamonds, crystals, silver, and more
• Eliminates color distortions and provides a perfect atmosphere for color matching and coordinating
• Glare elimination and reduced eye strain
• Produces higher morale and less absenteeism
• Found to be effective in treating winter depression
• Great for individuals who work shifts or would you like to live and work in a healthier, more pleasing environment
• Light from full spectrum light bulbs resemble Natural Sunlight and creates the full color spectrum of true daylight

Full spectrum, full color, natural light can reduce fatigue, glare and eye strain from VDT Screens, and portrays true colors. Full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs are more pleasant, natural, bright, and stimulating. Full Spectrum fluorescent light bulbs can also reduce SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), excellent for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) students. Full Spectrum fluorescent light bulbs are the only choice for offices, schools, stores, factories, banks, and dental facilities, artists, painters, picture framing, arts and crafts, sewing, etc. The best full spectrum fluorescent bulbs, in our opinion, in sun light simulating lighting for all indoor pets; birds, reptiles, fresh water aquariums, and grow light for plants are the Philips TL950 and Lumichromes 1XC and 1XX.